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May 16, 2022  

Defining and Selecting Quality Cow Herds

Bill Rishel knows how to build herds with the most of the best. Listen to this podcast episode to discover how Bill defines a quality herd and makes selection decisions that benefit commercial and seedstock producers alike. 




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May 9, 2022  

Navigating Ranching in an Urban World

Mathew May shares the challenges and benefits of ranching in an urban area and how makes the most of the situation. Listen on your favorite podcast app or right here! Read it:

May 2, 2022  
April 25, 2022  

What Not to Do During Family Transitions

In the latest episode of Casual Cattle Conversations, Dr. Tom Field shares advice from his years of experience when it comes to working with family farms and ranches. Dr. Field shares what not to do, how to start the conversation and key actions to try during the first 6 months of the transition.


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April 18, 2022  

The Do’s and Don’ts of Fly Control

Fly control is a necessity. Discover how you can improve your fly management strategy in this short episode of Casual Cattle Conversations with experts from Sioux Nation Ag.


April 11, 2022  

Better Breeding Bulls

Don’t forget about your bulls! In this 16 minute episode, Dr. Kacie McCarthy offers insight on what the components of a BSE are, why they are important and when to have them performed. We also discuss new and upcoming research in this area of beef production.


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April 4, 2022  

Feedlot Talk for the Rancher

Cassie Lappaseotes is a feedlot manager and rancher. She grew up in both segments and is a stakeholder in both today. In this 20-minute episode, Cassie shares how ranchers can build relationships with feedlots, what happens during those first few weeks calves are in a feedlot and what she is excited about in regard to future technology in the beef industry.



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March 28, 2022  

Working Through Daunting Drought Decisions

The expert himself, Burke Teichert, shares his advice after years of managing ranches in the west. He shares the number one action that can be taken and when to do it in this 20-minute episode of Casual Cattle Conversations.




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March 21, 2022  

The 7 Deadly Sins Made by First-generation Ranchers

Markie Hageman is a first-generation rancher and beef advocate. She shares the 7 Deadly Sins made by first-generation ranchers and how to avoid them in just 30 minutes.


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March 14, 2022  

Beef and Blockchain

Gregg Barfield is a blockchain and beef enthusiast who breaks down what blockchain is, how it works and what this technology means for beef producers in under 40 minutes on this episode of Casual Cattle Conversations.


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